Even if the story was true it still wouldn't make sense. Imagine if it went like this: "One day I saw a kid inject himself with insulin to control his diabetes, so I asked him if it made him feel better. He said no, he wished he was like the other kids who didn't need to inject themselves with insulin. I was outraged… » 3/07/14 2:37pm 3/07/14 2:37pm

A retcon is dependant on the canon of established continuity, dependant on events that have preceded it, whether it treats those events with respect or not, it still must acknowledge their very existence. A reboot takes an established continuity as a whole, weighs up individual elements, and can then reimagine them in… » 1/30/14 5:13pm 1/30/14 5:13pm

Image credited to Jan Solo. Jan, of course, as many of us know was Han's younger brother. Often overshadowed by his heroic older brother, Jan did manage to gain a modicum of renown in his own right as a photographer. His series "Droids: in their own beeps and boops" and "Alderaan!' received much acclaim from critics,… » 1/24/14 4:35pm 1/24/14 4:35pm